Dive Connections at a Distance ...
                    ... at Lake Phoenix...

A 6-Pack is a comfy boat where a few divers can have a relaxed and personalized dive experience without the hubbub of the usual big dive boat. At Dive Connections we are offering that experience in our spacious pavilion at Lake Phoenix.

Want to go diving with us, without crowds? Join one of our dive staff for a day at the lake. No more than 6 people total will be in the shelter! You’ll hang in the great outdoors with a few friends, have an excellent couple of dives and be home by night fall.


All you need do is contact your favorite Dive Connections dive staff member and get on the manifest for his or her next trip or call the shop and select from trips already scheduled. Then make sure you have a current Lake Phoenix waiver, pay your dive fees directly to Lake Phoenix online, and voila, you have contactless entry!


Charge? Just your Lake fees. We just love going diving.

Here are the general parameter to help keep social distancing:
• No more than 6 people in a group sharing a pavilion.
• No more than 2 students in a group.
• All attendees must be on the Dive Connections manifest for that pavilion.
• No communal meals. Please bring what you need.
• No shared rides with staff members.
• No Staff overnights.
• Maintain 6-foot distancing wherever possible.
• Wipes, hand sanitizer and Lysol cleaning spray with paper towels will be onsite for your safety and convenience.

Enjoy the Diving!

COVID-19 Evasion Checklist

Dress in a flow resistant full body suit. Check!
Place water tight mask over eyes and nose Check!
Don boots, hood and gloves. Check!
Breathe solely from a dry, filtered air source. Check!
Eliminate any airborne contaminates by going under water. Check!

Breathe * Relax * Enjoy * You're Home!


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