Dive Insurance

      Dive Insurance is an absolute essential for any diver and particularly for those who travel out of the country.

      Dive insurance provides many benefits not included in normal health insurance plans and is not subject to "gate keeper" provisions.  Generally dive insurance presumes that in any dive related accident, hyperbaric treatment is a usual ordinary treatment.

      "Decompression illness (DCI) is, fortunately, rare--one or two cases in 10,000 dives, by the best guess of Divers Alert Network (DAN).  But when accidents happen, they get expensive quickly and many of the costs probably aren't covered by your primary health insurance.  And when you consider that the financial wipeout of a DCI hit can be avoided for less than the cost of one night in a luxury resort, dive insurance starts to look like a pretty good deal."  - Rodale's Scuba Diving - October 2002

      We feel so strongly about Dive Insurance that we require all our dive staff to have coverage.  Further it is required for anyone taking training beyond entry level or traveling with us on one of our group trips. 

      We recommend the following source ...

Diver's Alert Network


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