Travel Insurance

      Today's world of travel has become quite financially adventurous.  In an attempt to be competitive airlines and other travel operators have gone to non-refundable fares and fees for all sorts of changes.  Weather also challenges us and prevent hurricane struck resorts from offering anything more than credits for future travel.  We wish things were different, but they are not.

     When we accept your deposits we send them to airlines and resorts and service providers and we are no longer able to direct the refund policy.  Furthermore when we commit to operate a group trip, we assume certain costs based on the total anticipated group and apportion them in the pricing to each traveler.  As such all money paid to us for travel services are non-refundable.

     Our policy is to refund whatever funds we have not committed to the resorts on behalf of the group less a cancellation fee as identified for each trip.  Please do not expect a refund of any money paid to us.  We will try, but you should consider all money paid to us for travel services as non-refundable.

Please Purchase Travel Insurance.

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