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The following equipment concerns are being addressed by the manufacturer and Dive Connections as indicated. Click on the links for more detailed information.

2014 - November - Aqualung - Aqualung is recalling all Surelock II weight integration pockets that have rubber weight pocket handles.  The handles will be replaced with ones having a webbing attachment.  Please bring your pockets for a free exchange of the handles to your nearest Aqualung dealer.  Consumer Contact  for additional assistance please call (855) 3557170 or visit www.aqualung.com and click on the Recall Notice.

2012 - October - Aqualung - Aqualung announces that the Surelock II weight integration weight pockets are being recalled.  These systems are identified by a stiff rubber connection between the pocket and the handle as opposed to webbing arrangement. The advantage of this system is to keep the handle curved toward the body to reduce the chance of it catching on anything.  The connection can however become stressed and break under heavy loads and that might leave the pocket still in the BCD.  There have been no reported underwater failures; however, Aqualung had strengthened the connection and is retrofitting all affected BCD's.  For more information please check the Aqualung Consumer Notice.

2010 - January - Mares - Mares Diving has announced a product safety recall involving the company's NEMO Air scuba diving computer. Under certain circumstances, the O-ring can fail and cause a slow leak of breathing gas through the Quick Connector, which could require a diver to surface quickly and face possible risk of injury or running out of air.

2009 - April - Dacor - Darwin Dive Computers have been found to be improperly calibrated. Please take your dive computer to your Authorized Dacor Dealer for repair. You should expect to receive it back from the dealer within 4-6 weeks.   

2009 - April - Mobby's Dry Suites - SI Tech Hoes Recall pertains to inflator hoses on the Mobby's Dry Suits too. Recall Notice

2009 - April - Trelleborg - SI Tech Hose Recall - All air flow restricting inserts in Si Tech low Pressure Inflation Hoses should be removed.  Recall Notice

2008 - July - Aqua Lung - Recall of Apeks - TX/ATX/XTX 2nd stages
Potential missing 2nd Stage Diaphragm Retainer - Return to authorized dealer for inspection.

2008, June -  Aqua Lung - Recall of Titan / Conshelf DIN Handwheel Retainer
Titan Regulators with serial number lower than 6062501 - return to authorized dealer to replace retainer.

2008, June - PADI - Recall of EAN 32 Dive Tables
Product No. 60049 Ver 1.2 (Rev 02/03) XXXPDK7 (Note: All tables with the last three letters "PDK7") - Return to PADI Dive Center for replacement due to a misprint.


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