"We LOVE People who subscribe to the 
    'We Go Diving' philosophy and who encourage
        others to come and enjoy our sport."


So ... we want you to be a SeaDevil Member 
and we will put our heart and where your heart is,
Going Diving!

For SeaDevil Member in addition to club benefits...

  + 10% OFF Annual Gear Service - Parts & Labor
+ 30% Off - SeaDevil Logo Merchandise
  + 50% OFF Air Fills & Nitrox Fills
+ Special Pricing on Events,
Parties, Picnics and more...

Single Membership - $54 Annually
Couples Membership - $89 Annually
Family 3+ - $119 Annually

Member Name
Member $54



Second Member Name
Second Member $35
Third Member Name
Third Member $30


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"Thank you so very much for promoting our sport 
and for being the heart of our diving community."



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 Charlottesville, VA  22911