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Welcome to Charlottesville's Premier & Only
Scuba Club for Youth!

Our club is jointly sponsored by Dive Connections and SeaDevil, a Scuba Club serving all of Central Virginia and the World!

Members of our Youth Scuba Club enjoy full membership privileges in our over-arching club and additionally have activities and events designed by club leadership and membership and supervised by the professional staff of Dive Connections. There is never a month without both a diving opportunity and a dive educational opportunity.

But a club is about diverse shared experiences, just like diving is about adventure and camaraderie.  Our club hosts diverse activities including camping, hiking, movie nights, dive travel and much more.  Potential Activities  The club membership is empowered by its adult leadership to be explorers and adventurers.

We are at this moment working to solidify our organization, which is led by engaged adults and scuba professionals, but seeks to engage Youth in all leadership decision making positions.  As such our structure is somewhat fluid.  Here is our Potential Organization structure and our existing leadership positions are filled as follows pending additional volunteers:

Executive Director - Chip Earle - Email
Event Coordinators -
     ScubaJam - David Brunelle - Email

     ScubaJam - Brady Genz - Email
     Kayaking & Tubing - Michael Durland - Email

Youth President -
Youth Vice President -

We are continuing to work on our Club Charter an By Laws along with our operational policy document.  Check out our member application (above right) for more regarding operational policies and principles.

If you are willing to take responsibility of organizing just one youth event per year, we could really use your help to make this organization get moving.  We appreciate your interest and help. Come join us! 

Chip Earle
Executive Director


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:Labor Day Weekend
September 2-5, 2022
(more information)

Monthly Club Meeting
First Wednesday at 6:30pm
at Dive Connections

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