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PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #182402
Divers Alert Network Instructor #11100
SCUBA for KIDS Instructor

     In a song called Calypso, written as a tribute to Jacques Cousteau, John Denver sings the words To Live on the land, we must learn from the sea.  Since I became a diver in the year 2000, I am continuously amazed at how true those particular words are, and at how much they have come to mean to me personally.  So far on my journey through the world of scuba, Ive traveled to exotic islands, made new and dear friends, become a dive professional, and discovered some pretty cool stuff about the world around me, and also about myself!  Becoming a diver has turned out to be one of THE pivotal events in my life, and I hope it will be in yours too!

    As a dive professional, Im dedicated to helping anyone and everyone who wants to, to discover the beauty, joy, and excitement of the underwater world.   Id love to meet you and chat with you about YOUR introduction to this fantastic sport, or to help you on your continuing journey through the endless possibilities for personal achievement through SCUBA.  As a diver, Im passionately committed to learning as much as I can about ALL the environments we can dive in, and doing my part in my daily life to protect, preserve, and improve these environments so that we may ALL enjoy them for generations to come.

    Please e-mail me or stop by Dive Connections to see me.  Id love to talk diving with you!  If Im not there, just wait a little whileeven the best of us have to come up for air once in a while! See you soon!


Specialty Instructor Designations

Emergency First Responder Instructor
SCUBA for KIDS Instructor

Boat Equipment Specialist Photography
Coral Reef Conservation Fish Identification Project Aware
Deep Diver Naturalist Search & Recovery
Drift Diving Navigation Wreck Diver
Enriched Air Peak Buoyancy O2 First Aid
Oxygen First Aid (Scuba) Advanced O2 (Scuba) Hazardous Marine Life


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