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PADI IDC Staff Instructor #94260        
SDI/TDI Instructor #5954

         Like so many of my generation, I grew up watching Jacques Cousteau, and so scuba diving was something that Iíd always dreamed of trying.  I finally took the plunge after an old college buddy of mine talked me into making a month-long trip to New Zealand and Australia (he really didnít have to work too hard at getting me to go!).  I can honestly say I fell in love with diving the first night of my open water training.  As I floated across the bottom of the pool in three feet of water, I was absolutely captivated by the experience.  Over the next few months, I was back in the Quarry constantly, and ended up going to Australia as a PADI Rescue Diver.  When I returned, I knew I had to find a way to share this experience with others. 

       These days, if someone asks me, I tell them that scuba diving is my passion as well as a second profession as a PADI instructor.  There are few things that are as satisfying as the look of joy I see on the faces of my open water students as we share that first night in the pool.  Of course, I also love going diving, and sharing my adventures with my wife, Linda.  We actually met on a dive trip, so I have to credit diving with that as well.  We have seen some truly amazing things these last 7 years, and the excitement, and joy, never subsides.

         On most pleasure dives, you will find me floating over the reef with video camera in hand.  I love being able to record what I experience, and Iíve found that video is a great way to share our memories with others.  Linda and I probably watch one of my videos at least once a month simply because they bring a memory back to life.  Next to actually diving, there is nothing quite like it (in my opinion). 

         My motto:  ďThere is nothing a day of diving canít fix!Ē

Specialty Instructor Designations

Emergency First Responder Instructor
CPR & AED Care for Children Instructor

Peak Performance Buoyancy

Underwater Photographer


Underwater Navigator

Dry Suit

Project Aware

Enriched Air Diver

Multilevel Diver

Underwater Naturalis

Night Diver

Search & Recovery

Underwater Videographer


AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty

Draeger Rebreather Solo Diving  


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