"We will service all brands of
    equipment in an expeditious,
        professional manner."


    We provide factory authorized service for Oceanic, Aqua Lung, Scubapro, US Divers, Sea Quest, Mares, Apex, Dive Rite, Sherwood and Genesis, and in fact, there is very little equipment out there that we can't repair or service.   Generally we can turn any service request around within 2-3 weeks.   If you positively need it faster than that, a $50 surcharge will apply. 

    Please bring in your equipment and let us know when you need it back. We will tell you what we can and cannot accomplish and do our very best to fulfill your requests. 

    "Go Dive" Guarantee:  If you want to go diving and your equipment isn't ready, even if you just gave it to us, you can use a comparable piece of our rental equipment at No Charge.  Normal rental procedures and policies apply.

     Performance Guarantee  The equipment we service for you should stay in tune and be dependable for a reasonable period of time.  Most manufacturers recommend one year service intervals assuming less than 100 dives and intelligent maintenance. With that as our premise, If you have any problems with equipment we have serviced within that year, we will repair it for you absolutely free of charge. Further, if you have to pay additional and unexpected charges for rental equipment because of this failure, we will pick up those charges.

    Service Charges:  Generally, a regulator overhaul of a 1st stage, 2nd stage and alternate will run between $200 - $250 including labor & parts depending on manufacturer part requirements and costs.  If you just need it inspected and bench tested then the charge is $75. 

Regulator Assembly & Bench Test $100

Tank Hydro $40
Regulator Inspection & Bench Test Only $75 Tank Annual Inspection $17
Regulator Overhaul - 1st Stage $39 Visual Plus/Eddy Current $17
Regulator Overhaul - 2nd Stage or Octopus $39 Tank Tumbling $35
Regulator Overhaul - Air 2 Type $39 Tank Cleaning $35
Buoyancy Compensator Annual Service $35 O2 Clean Tank $75
Computer Battery Replacement + Battery $10 O2 Clean Tank Valve $45
Disassembly & Reassembly of Doubles $40

Service Notes:
         Regulator Service and Manufacturer "Free Parts" Service Programs - Most manufacturers will provide "Free Parts" for annual service of regulators provided the owner is the original owner and the regulator has been serviced under the agreement within the last 12 months.  To benefit from these programs, the owner must have the regulator overhauled every year even if the regulator wasn't used since the last servicing.  This means that the owner will have to pay for labor each year which usually amounts to about two-thirds of the total costs.  Miss a servicing interval and the Agreement will lapse. No more free parts from the manufacturer.
Aqua Lung recently changed its recommendation to provide that a regulator should be "inspected" annually if the regulator has less than 50 dives on it and only overhauled every two years.  They will only pay for parts every other year, but only if the previous overhaul and the intervening inspection are documented.  Aqua Lung and all manufacturers require that the customer retain records of all servicing.  Scubapro requires that the technician file the annual service reports with Scubapro and give a copy to the customer.  The customer must retain that copy and turn it back in at the next service date.  It is all quite a paper chase and the result is that the dealer is denied the "Free Part" reimbursement unless everything is fully documented.
         We will honor "Free Parts" programs including ScubaPro's program provided that all of the manufacturer requirements are met including (1) original owner only, (2) owner has possession of the warrantee cards and (3) a receipt of purchase from an authorized dealer within the last 12 months or (4) proof of servicing under the program by an authorized service technician within the last 12 months in the format prescribed by the manufacturer.
         Our Advice - If you dive 40+ dives a year, you may be benefited by a "Free Parts" Agreement, because you probably need it serviced annually.  You must, however, be willing to keep track of the paperwork and be diligent in meeting the service intervals or the agreement may lapse.  If you do not dive that much then a "Free Parts" Agreement will likely cost you more in annual labor cost than you save in parts. 
         We suggest that you have your regulator inspected and tested annually or before your next dive trip if longer, and that you have the regulator overhauled after 50 dives or annually, if you do more dives than 50 in a year.

          Dacor Regulators - Regulators produced by Dacor prior to 2001 no longer have manufacturer parts available and therefore, we cannot service them within manufacturer specifications.  Talk to us for possible subsidized upgrade options.

         Pre-1991 Aluminum Cylinders - We do not service or fill Aluminum scuba cylinders manufactured prior to 1991.  Due to increased failure rates, manufacturers, industry professionals  and the government have issued recommendations which reflect the seriousness of the issue but are not necessarily definitive.  Some have recommended that these cylinders be Eddy Current tested as often as annually.  The DOT has recently issued regulation requiring hydro station to document Eddy Current Exams at the time of hydro.  Regardless many dive operators will not fill these cylinders citing safety concerns for themselves and their employees.  We don't feel it is in our customers' best interest or our own to continue to have these cylinders in service.

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