PADI Master Scuba Divers
A PADI Master Scuba Diver is the highest non-professional ranking in scuba diving.  To qualify, divers must complete 5 specialty designation, be certified as a Rescue Diver and have a minimum of 50 open water dives.  Most of these folks have been diving for years and have hundreds of dives.  Recognized below are some of the very best divers in our community.
Ed Clark Kathy Rabe Steve Hutchinson Miriam Bizup
Sherman Reeder Keller Kaufman-Fox Bob McDonough Greg Zajac
Rick Camirand Val Lopez Chris Morris John Szczyglinski
Tommy Rigsby Chris Straka Bonnie Straka Paul Brantley
Fred Garber Lisa Garber Matt Brantley Ernie Vitolo
Teresa Bridges Charlotte Feuillan Kevin Jones Will Tomanek
Joe Wermann Terry Tate Kevin Spotswood Joe Mikolajczak
Marty DeReus Chip Earle Brian Garriss Cayman Brownfield
John Lye John Wulfken Zeb Lilly Eric Horton
Dean Sherwin Ted Sherwin Brian Miller Claudia Roussos
Norm D'Allura Chip Byrd Phil Goodwill Christel Middlekauf
James Temple Frances Bon Avery Paxton Angeline Woolbright
Julie Frye Ben Elron Eric Gibson Wayne Westbury
Betsy Gerstenschlager Maureen Mikolajczak Rick Preve Joseph Brown
Patrick Edrington Della Edrington    

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