6-Pack DIVER DAY - Exclusive

The time to go diving is here and we all want to get our of the house and into the water. 

Want a buddy, but not a crowd? - Contact your favorite Dive Connections dive staff member and make a day to go diving.

We are facilitating small groups, no more than 6 people, with exclusive use of our pavilion at Lake Phoenix. Click here for more information or...

Please Call - 434-964-9200    Happy Diving!

Dive Connections at a Distance!  Every Day!

You don't have to be here. Dive Connections is open all the time!   Dive Connections at a distance!

Whether it's classes, getting gear serviced, setting up travel or purchasing that next piece of great scuba gear, just call or email us.  We have a plan to make it happen for you in this time of crisis. Learn more about what we can do for you online.

Please Call - 434-964-9200

Dive Connections has an aggressive, daily cleaning and de-sanitization program in all areas of our shop. We are open all the time.  Call us!  With electronic communications, curb-side service and FREE shipping, we can assist people go diving, a healthy, outdoor activity.

Advanced & Rescue Classes

Advanced - Get off the bus and take charge of your diving!  PADI Advanced Open Water Class will give you the skills and confidence to plan and control your dive so that you and your buddy don't have to just follow the dive leader.  Really empowering! Two classes...

June 27-28

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Rescue Diver - Be the best buddy you can be, by first being prepared in self-rescue and then in being award and prepared to help others. A truly valuable course and the first step toward Master Diver or Divemaster.

June 27-28

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New!  Your Fish ID books on your Tablet!

What was that fish I saw?  That happens to me all the time.  I used to bring my fish ID books with me but with airline baggage restrictions and the weight of printed books, who can do that? 

Well here is the answer.  The best Fish ID books are now available from the publisher as eBooks!  Check our al the easy to travel offerings from New World Publishing.

Venture Crew 130

Are you or your children between ages 14 and 21 and interested in ADVENTURE!  Well so are we!

Feel Free to contact us at:
Email:         brady_genz@hotmail.com
Facebook:   www.facebook.com/VentureCrew130

We Support Area Scuba Programs


At Dive Connections, we believe that it is important to reach out and help young people get into diving and to acquire dive leadership skills.  We support several school programs and partner with them to provide training and travel opportunities.  In most cases these programs are led and taught, at least in part, by the students themselves.  Here are links to more information about these programs.

CPR & First Aid Classes

Red Cross - First Aid/CPR
Every Thursday - 9am-11am
Advance Registration Required

Divers Alert Network
Dive Emergency Management Provider

 TBD - 9am

Call 434-964-9200
Be Prepared !!!

Dive Connections at Lake Phoenix

6-Pack Diver Days

*September 19
*October 24

Come Join Us!

*SeaDevil Diver Day

PADI Equipment Specialist Class

Learn how your equipment works. how to best care & maintain it, and certain field repairs.


Fantastic Gift!

... and a great buy online!

Master Scuba Divers
"The Area's Best"

Dawn Brown
Chip Riley
Mark Gebhard


Consumer Advisories, 
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November 2014 - Aqualung recalls Surelock II Weight Pockets to replace handle.